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Where your cuttings thrive and our people flourish

Specialist in cuttings

Continuity in craftsmanship and year in year out the same quality?

We roll our sleeves up for this

You want to produce beautiful plants. Which is why you are always looking for the right people and necessary space to ensure your cuttings take root. At the IBN nurseries you will find both, plus guaranteed continuity in quality, more than 30 years of knowledge and experience and supply reliability. That’s how we supply top-quality cuttings. Meticulously trimmed and carefully selected for uniformity, growing strength and free from variation.

Boosting yield!

It is difficult to miss the large range of crops in our greenhouses. In total there are more than 800 crops, large and small. We are active in the following market sectors: ornamental shrubs, ornamental and hedge conifers, perennials, climbing plants and small fruits. Through our work in these sectors we serve a wide range of tree nurseries: large and small alike. Our 200 employees produce 100,000 cuttings a day.

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Extra attention

Identifying batches and location management is extremely important. Not just for finding the cuttings and preventing mix ups, but also for the positioning of crops requiring similar cultivation treatment. We roll our sleeves up for this too.

We also ensure quality is maintained. The many types of cuttings each require their own specific cultivation conditions. A unique combination of humidity, temperature and light. In our hardening-off greenhouse the DIAMANT glass ensures high light intensity and more UV light. The result: the plants grow better, suffer less checking and less scorching.

In addition, extra attention is paid to weed-free cultivation. We weed weekly with our own design of weeding barrows. We tackle weeds when they first sprout and give them no chance to establish.

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Our nurseries from above

Together the IBN nursery locations make up one of the biggest plant propagation companies in Europe.


Our nurseries from above

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Our nurseries from above

Precision across the board

Our professionals are perfectionists. Cutting and trimming is done with undivided attention. Propagation is an art. We tackle everything: from easy-to-propagate shrubs to slow-rooting plants. For growers big and small, from open ground to container growers.

Throughout the year

Through using a refrigeration cell we spread the growth. Upon delivery, the cuttings waken and they grow towards the light. This gives tree nurseries rapid establishment and great uniformity. We supply to comply with your wishes.


We employ the Greenplug with a top layer. The specially selected mix of substrate facilitates optimum roof growth with the top layer slowing dehydration and preventing moss formation. Resulting in a better quality young plant. Read all about the Combi-Greenplug.

Three high-quality cultivation locations

Our locations in Schaijk, Beugen and Uden are good for 5.3 ha of glass, of which 1.5 ha with ground heating, with top notch facilities to meet any customer wishes.

ISO and MPS certified

The combination of ISO and MPS certification is unique in the arboricultural world. You can count on reliable quality and process management. And thorough environmental efforts in the area of crop protection, energy consumption, fertilisers and waste.

Own work training company

IBN has its own courses and is an approved work training company. We offer internal training programmes and guarantee the dependability of our professionally trained people. Our staff complement has 80% in permanent employment. So you can always count on the quality of our professionals!

Careful and precise

Propagation from cuttings is a precarious process that demands a careful and specialised approach. In organisation, logistics and staffing. Our people are professionals, trained in-house and supported by our extensive knowledge and expertise. In our nurseries you will find the right people to prepare your cuttings and the floor space for propagating them. And, not unimportantly, each cutting receives our undivided attention. And when you pay attention, you see growth. This is true for every cutting and also for every one of our people.

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Social advantage for your company

At IBN we believe that everyone deserves a fully-fledged job. A place where people have the space to participate successfully in our society. We offer them work that matches their pace and qualities. Preparing plant cuttings is precise, almost perfectionist work that cannot be done by just anyone. Our people have these skills down to a tee. We invest in the qualities that match their unique skill set.

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ISO and MPS certified

In the tunnel greenhouses we use natural methods to control spider mites, aphids and sciarid flies. This cultivation system ensures we only need to use the absolute minimum of chemical agents. The environmental efforts are underpinned by our MPS certification. Through the registration, necessary for the MPS-A certificate, we know exactly where we stand in the area of crop protection, energy consumption, fertilisers and waste and we can work towards further improvements. On top of this, the uniform registration system facilitates comparisons of environmental aspects with other producers.

Your possible retail customers have increasingly higher demands with regards to tracking and tracing. Our MPS and unique batch registration helps here, in assisting you with demonstrating sustainability in the chain. In addition, we are ISO certified, a guarantee for quality and improvement management. Let’s just say the combination of MPS and ISO is virtually unique for a tree nursery.

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Whatever you need, we are pleased to help!

Your wishes are key, our company is here to serve them. We operate with a wide range of employees and respond rapidly and flexibly to your cultivation and delivery requirements. Our approach is anything but standard, it is focused on your wishes. It really doesn’t matter if they are big, small or specific. The length of cuttings, tray sizes, type of potting compost, trimmed height, fertiliser regime, delivery times and the manner in which deliveries take place are all performed to meet your wishes.

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Is there anything you would like to ask?

Would you like to know more about the range of Shrubs and Conifers? Or would you like to discuss the opportunities for your company? You will be pleased to hear we have already rolled our sleeves up. Please call Frank van den Bergh +31 (0)413 - 28 23 11 or mail fbergh@ibn.nl

Frank Vd Bergh

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Services for your company via IBN

At IBN we like to support entrepreneurs with a range of services. Take a look at the various possibilities for your company. We would be only too pleased to talk with you about your company’s specific needs and wishes.