What our customers say

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We produce most of our cuttings to order. The advantage of this approach is that we can satisfy customer requirements in terms of cutting size, the number of cuttings per cup, the growing medium and type of tray used for the cuttings. As a result, we offer a winning combination of high-quality plants and high availability. Quality is absolutely crucial here. Customers increasingly appreciate our ability to perform well in relation to all quality aspects. As a result, we generate customer loyalty and have become a reliable partner for large and specialised businesses. A small percentage of our cuttings is produced for stock. We have a large and diverse (international) customer base which selects products from our stock each year.


What our customers say

Sierteeltkwekerij Maarten Bloemen

maarten bloemen.jpg

Maarten Bloemen:
"Rather than excluding people with a handicap or disability, we should offer them work which they can do well."

Kwekerij Anton Buitenhuis

Klantverhaal Anton Buitenhuis

Anton Buitenhuis: 
“IBN Kwekerijen is always willing to contribute ideas for achieving continuous quality improvement.”

Our employees

Work is much more than a way of earning money for the employees at IBN Kwekerijen. Many of our employees are highly motivated. Their chances of employment elsewhere in the private sector are limited and they are happy to have found work at a nursery with such a strong market position. Our employees always go the extra mile, which is beneficial for our customers. Some employee stories are included below.

Yasemin Kiris

Yasemin Kiris aan het woord

"I have been given a new future here"

Stephan Oldenmenger

Stephan Oldenmenger aan het woord

"I wish I had known about IBN before."

Perihan Keskin

Perihan Keskin aan het woord

"Stepping stone to work in healthcare."