About IBN Kwekerijen

Kwaliteitsbehoud met UV-B kasdekken

What does IBN Kwekerijen stand for?

Plant cuttings are fragile products which require a careful and specialised approach. IBN Kwekerijen has used the expertise and experience acquired during its 25-year history to create an extremely professional and well-equipped facility that ensures optimum growth of a wide range of cuttings. Satisfied customers come back to us each year because we handle the labour-intensive process of growing plants from cuttings for them and have proved our value as a reliable supplier of high-quality rooted cuttings.

Our organisation

Good to know

  • 20 million cuttings a year

    Our annual production of 20 million cuttings puts us in the top three in the Netherlands. We work hard every day to maintain that leading market position. Getting to the top is one thing, staying there requires continuous quality improvement and innovation in all areas of plant cultivation.

  • 800 different types of plants

    The wide range of different plants is immediately apparent in our greenhouses. We produce more than 800 plant species in total. Both in large and small quantities. Shrubs that can be easily grown from cuttings and the truly challenging plants. We do it all. We are active in the market segments for ornamental shrubs, ornamental and hedge conifers, shrubs which can be grown from cuttings, climbing plants and berry-producing shrubs. In addition, we supply to the complete tree nursery sector, servicing the needs of both large and small growers,all with their own specific characteristics.

  • Greenhouses covering 40,000 m2

    The greenhouses at our two sites in Schaijk and Uden cover an area of 4 hectares, of which 1.5 hectares are equipped with a soil heating system. The temperature profile can be adjusted for each bed.

  • 100,000 cuttings a day

    Our 175 employees produce 100,000 cuttings every day. So batch identification and location management are extremely important. Not only to allow correct retrieval of the cuttings and prevent mix-ups, but also to group together all the crops that require the same growing process.

  • 250 customers

    We supply to 250 customers, of which 50 are based abroad. The growth of IBN Kwekerijen over the years is largely attributable to our close relationship with customers. The long-standing relationship we have with many of our customers is based on excellent quality and exceptional customer focus.

Key statistics

Number of employees working for IBN Productie and IBN Kwekerijen as per 31/12/2015: 1,152 

Employee satisfaction
Employee satisfaction score in 2016: 7.40.
The score was 7.44 in 2015  

Customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction score in 2007: 7.8.
The score was 7.1 in 2005 and 7.5 and 2003.   

Chamber of Commerce
IBN Productie BV Chamber of Commerce registration number: 17151558.

Legal form
IBN Nurseries is a trade name used by a division of IBN Production BV. IBN Productie BV is a subsidiary of IBN Holding BV.