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The wide range of different plants is immediately apparent in our greenhouses. Both in large and small quantities. Shrubs that can be easily grown from cuttings and the truly challenging plants. We do it all. For more information, please refer to our alphabetical summary of Shrubs and Conifers, which also states the tray size and quantities available.

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Plant cuttings are fragile products which require a careful and specialised approach. IBN Kwekerijen has used the expertise and experience acquired during its 25-year history to create an extremely professional and well-equipped facility that ensures optimum growth of a wide range of cuttings. Satisfied customers come back to us each year because we handle the labour-intensive process of growing plants from cuttings for them and have proved our value as a reliable supplier of high-quality rooted cuttings. As a social-purpose business, we are a member of Social Enterprise NL and primarily employ people with limited job prospects.

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"Rather than excluding people with a handicap or disability, we should offer them work which they can do well."

Maarten Bloemen

Decorative plant nursery owner Maarten Bloemen

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